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carli loveAlong with unconditional love that parents give to their children, most of them pay close attention when buying children’s products, especially those for child care, laundry or cleaning. Of course, a special attention is given to the cleaning and washing of the things that children usually put in their mouths, like baby bottles, pacifiers and dishes, but also toys that children tend to put in their mouths as a way of familiarizing with the world and objects around them. Standard washing up liquids are not fully appropriate for cleaning the leftover food from baby bottles and pacifiers, as they are sometimes too intense in flavor and smell for children's taste or can even carry risk of allergic reaction. This inspired our team of experts in Labud to develop Čarli Love, a new washing up liquid with an innovative formula specially designed for baby bottles, pacifiers, dishes and toys.

Its special formula makes washing and rinsing easier and enables efficient removal of milk, baby food, meal and juice residue.

It contains a very mild, allergen free scent that causes no irritation and does not stay on baby bottles and silicone pacifiers after rinsing them.

The product is both biodegradable and pH neutral.

Tips on cleaning and maintenance of baby bottles:
1. Before initial use, disinfect the bottle, pacifier and cutlery in boiling water for 5 minutes.
2. After each subsequent use, wash thoroughly the bottles and pacifiers with warm, running water - for washing we recommend Čarli Love.
3. During the washing, pour few drops of Čarli Love inside the bottle. Add some warm water and clean it gently with a brush.
4. After the washing, rinse the bottle thoroughly with clean water. Čarli Love’s formula enables easier rinsing of product residue from bottles and pacifiers.
5. Do not expose pacifiers to direct sunlight, heat and disinfectants or other similar aggressive detergents.
6. Scratching the silicone pacifier with the wired side of the brush could lead to its rupture.  Active ingredients of Čarli Love’s formula enable easier removal of milk, tea and juice residue from bottles and pacifiers.
7. Čarli Love’s mild, allergen free scent reduces the risk of allergies and does not stay on baby bottles and pacifiers after rinsing them.
8. Regular, daily use of Čarli Love special washing up liquid extends the lifetime of baby bottles and pacifiers.