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The company was founded in 1947. In the beginning its business was focused on the production of soaps, cosmetic and chemical products, but soon Labud started its expansion, implementing new advanced technologies. In the 60s and 70s the company decided to specialize in the production of detergents and cleaning agents, soon becaming a pioneer in releasing new, innovative products to the market. Thus, for example, Labud was the first producer to launch a bioactive handwash and washing machine powder for colors and whites, Cin, followed by the Croatian first abrasive cleaner Jon, and the first handwash and washing machine detergent for delicate fabrics, Meri Merino. In the same period the company launched its most valuable trademarks, Sanitar and Čarli, with the last one becoming the product that generations of Croatian consumers have grown up with, a generic name for washing up liquid.

Today, Labud is one of Croatia’s leading producers of detergents and cleaning agents. In addition to the domestic market, its products are successfully sold in the region as well.

Our vision is to be a modern and innovative company, a synonym for cleanliness in all households, tourist facilities, hospitals, medical institutions, public institutions and industrial plants, offering consumers top quality local products, manufactured according to the highest environmental standards.
Our focus is on the continuous development and manufacture of top quality products and services, with the aim to earn and retain consumers’ trust while making their daily housekeeping and hygiene maintenance easier.
Research and development
Our products are the result of the hard work and dedication of our team of experts, specialized in different fields, who constantly follow the newest trends in order to develop products able to meet customer’s needs. To make sure we keep our quality at the highest level, we have our own laboratory, responsible for monitoring each phase of the production process.